Our Story

Hi there! We are so happy to have you stop by!

We are Zhi Qi and Louise, proud mom and godmom to adorable Emma. Children like Emma are, and have always been, the biggest inspiration behind what we do.

It all started when we were looking for furniture for Emma's new bedroom and wanted a bed that matched the aesthetics of the house, nothing too 'kiddy' or jarring. And with the search, an idea came to life. 

Kids feel special and important when they can do as the adults do. That is why we believe their furniture should be as modern, stylish and personal as grown-up designs.

We decided to create The Miniatures to house some of the most stylish, yet functional miniature version of adult furniture that you and your little one will love through the years. Think stylish mini sofas, chairs, storage ottomans, bed. The possibility is endless!

So feel free to contact us and we are always here to help you choose and decide!